3 Things that can Drastically Increase your Quality of Life

What we see manifesting in our lives directly reflect much of our daily routines. Try adding (or increasing) the following things in your daily routine and gradually increase your quality of life:

1. Drink 4 glasses of water first thing in the morning.

This has worked wonders for my physical and spiritual body. It helps to get my metabolism and digestion going for the day, providing a boost of energy that gets the day going. It also stimulates my energy centers (chakras) boosting my electromagnetic energy.

Sometimes I like to choose a gemstone that matches my intent for the week and drop it in a gallon of natural spring water, creating an elixir, and drink from that. I also like to pray over the water before I drink it. The more intentional energy used the better.

2. Momentum Scripting

This is a technique I try to do faithfully every day. The purpose is to get the momentum of peace, happiness, and motivation going first thing in the morning before all of the business of the day takes over my energy.

  • Grab your journal or a piece of paper (I have a journal specifically for this activity)
  • Write a word that reflects your heart’s desires like Prosperity, Peace, Joy, Love, Success, etc at the top of the page/paper
  • Then begin to fill the page/paper with words, phrases, affirmations, symbols, etc that come to mind when you think of this word.
  • Get into the activity, feel it, internalize what you are writing and the feelings that come with them

The beautiful thing about this activity is that it sets the tone for you to attract your heart’s desires before you are even able to emote anything different (which many times happen after the first irritating email, call, or conversation of the day lol).

3. Choose a gemstone that matches your intentions for the day and carry it with you.

As you can imagine I have quite a bit of gemstones in my collection. All of them made an impact on my life at some point in my journey. One of the last steps in getting dressed for me is choosing one (or more) of them and tucking it … in my bra (sorry guys lol). Brothers or sisters who prefer not to use my method of choice, you can tuck it in your pocket or talisman pouch or purse. I like to pull it out ever so often throughout the day when I am reflecting, meditating, or praying. This helps to keep the energetic momentum of my heart’s desires going. You stay charged and it stays charged. With that being said, keep in mind that your gemstone is not a magic pill. Its effectiveness will reflect the amount of energy YOU connect with it.

Try these tips for at least 21 consecutive days and I am pretty sure you will be happy with the results, and I would LOVE to hear about them! 🙂