5 Ways to Keep your Blessings Flowing

The key to keeping the blessings flowing into your life is ALIGNMENT!!! Staying aligned with the vibration of your heart’s desires. The fact of the matter is, we are a vibrational match to everything we see manifesting in our lives, the blessings, AND the lessons. Below you will find 5 ways to stay aligned and keep your blessings flowing:

1. Start your day on a positive note: I make it a priority for me to start my day off positively. Before I step a foot out of the bed I speak a positive word, sometimes as simple as “Giving thanks for a new day. May it be filled with bliss and ease. I also make sure to spend at least 7 min of my morning in meditation. Lastly, I RESIST RUSHING. Ultimately, I do whatever I can to create a good vibe for the day. This is important because energy doesn’t stop and your vibration has a lot to do with your alignment. It will either keep you aligned with your heart’s desires (peace, love, prosperity, wellness, etc.) or create an imbalance. Check out this article for a few more ways to start your day positively.

2. Release your worries: “Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow”, Oh how true. Worry does nothing but stimulates and grow the energy that is associated with that thing you don’t want or that you are afraid of. Always remember, where your attention goes, energy flows. The mind becomes matter. Thought becomes things. So, instead of worrying, focus on what you want. Envision it. Speak it. Embody it. Know that IT WILL work out in DIVINE ORDER, which means it will work out in your favor.

3. Use affirmations to stay motivated: Identifying and utilizing affirmations is an easy way to keep your energy balanced and in turn, keep you aligned. Your affirmations can be as simple as a one sentence phrase, or you can create a full statement to recite throughout the day. Think about what you are wanting to stay aligned with (i.e. peace, love, prosperity, joy, etc.) then create a short or not so short statement that affirms your desires! Check out this link for a few examples.

4. Stay stress-free: Stress wreaks havoc on your emotional, spiritual, and physical body. It causes can cause you to emote feelings that are not in alignment with your desires. It often distorts reality and many times make mountains out of molehills. It also wreaks havoc on your health often times causing fatigue, headaches, mucus accumulation-tumors, and cancer, etc. It is very difficult to stay aligned when you under stress, so STOP. Read on to find tools that can help you stay stress-free and aligned.

5. Use your tools: My go-to tools to stay in alignment and keep the blessings flowing are gemstones, the breath, and aura sprays. Gemstones are literally little balls of energy that align with your energy centers and assist with balance. Check out the gemstones available on QueenYenn.com  and grab the ones that resonate with you. The breath is one of the most effective tools we have at our disposal help us stay balanced on our journey which often times can really KILL OUR VIBE! Use your breath to balance the energy. My go-to breathing exercise is the 4-4-4 method, inhale for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, then exhale for 4 seconds. Lastly, aura sprays are like smudge bundles in a bottle. I use them to help me balance and/or amplify energy when needed. Check out the aura sprays available on QueenYenn.com and grab one or both of them!

I hope you found something that resonates to help keep you aligned and keep your blessings flowing. Much and continued peace and many blessings to you!