Yennenga Adanya, also known as Queen Yenn, master educator, author, spiritualist, and speaker, has developed a well-rounded approach to her practice as a personal and professional development coach. Over the span of her 12+ years of experience as an educational specialist, she has successfully helped children and adults realize and reach their educational goals, and has trained numerous educators nationally and internationally. Inspired by her success with her students and professional development clients, she authored the highly acclaimed book, Rear Them Well: Practical Tools for Raising a Genius.

Noticing the popularity and impact of her trainings that focused on holistic wellness as an approach to effective pedagogy, something she had found highly effective in her practice as an educator, Yennenga began to teach students and teachers the strategies she had used to decrease stress, increase focus, and achieve her goals. In addition to her service as an educator and teacher trainer, she eventually found herself serving as a personal development coach teaching clients how to use meditation, affirmations, prayer, and other spiritual wellness tools to help them lead a balanced, joyous, and abundant life .

Yennenga currently offers education consultation for families of school aged children, and professional development for schools and educational organization. She also hosts regular guided meditation and spiritual wellness events and classes, and offers one-on-one coaching for individuals looking to heal and manifest their heart’s desires.

To book, email or call (404) 781-9724.


Queen Yenn Products & Services

The products and services offered are one’s that Queen Yenn has used and found impactful in not on her work with her clients and customers but her own personal development. All products are either directly from nature or created with natural ingredients.