Queen Yenn has always felt the “pull of the most high”. Daughter of a baptist minister and teacher, religion and education has always been present in her life. She has proclaimed early on in life that she “felt a calling on her life”, but this calling seemed different from what she witnessed in the church. She felt like there had to be more to life than just working to avoid hell.

A student of Dr. Asa Hilliard III, prolific scholar, author, and teacher of Kemetic wisdom, she began to learn more about the history of her ancestors, including indigenous spiritual systems and ways of worship.This is where she found her truth.

Ultimately, understanding and accepting that all is GOD as principle, she excitedly dived into what she calls the “Universal Current” of abundance studying metaphysics, numerology, astrology, lunar cycles, and many other Universal Laws/truths.

Queen Yenn believes that we are all GODs having a human experience and we have been provided all that we need to allow that experience to be extraordinarily beautiful. 


Message from Queen Yenn

Greetings Beautiful Beings,

QueenYenn.com was created in the spirit of promoting self awareness and spiritual wellness. Through this ministry, I will share the spiritual understandings and tools that I have learned to heal, and manifest my heart’s desires. I believe that these tools are the key to our true liberation. We are all meant to live a life of abundance not one of lack and oppression.

Much peace and many blessings to you!


Queen Yenn