Manifestation Tips

Manifestation Tip 1:

Want It But Don’t Need It

The Universe gives you what you want in life. Whatever you focus on most will manifest – many times when you’re least expecting it. Therefore, if you really really want something, and you need it more than anything else on the planet, it should just turn up almost overnight, no?

Not quite.

The best way to succeed with manifestation – and with reaching goals in general – is to have no attachment to the outcome.

So no more moon rituals and vision boarding? Just put it out there and stop thinking about it? No. However, you must KNOW that between you, the Universe, your subconscious and any God you may believe in – between all of these magnificent sources – your heart’s desire will be met desire – without the need for you to panic and sweat and stress and worry all day long.

As such – set goals, visualise them, avoid putting out conflicting intentions/thoughts – and pay no attention to the actual getting of your desires.

The results will seem to magically take care of themselves. But be assured, it’s not magic.
Manifestation Tip 2:

Be Grateful Without It

This follows on from the first tip. Simply put, you have to
learn to be grateful now with what you already have.

Stay in the Attitude of Gratitude.

Hard for you? Try this, every day/night for 5 minutes to reflect on what you already have – and being grateful for it.

Try it – give thanks daily for everything in your life you are grateful for. Send out positive emotions for everything you love about living.

Watch–The minute you begin to appreciate what you already have, you start to get more…

Manifestation Tip 3:

Know Why You Want It

What I’ve experienced with Manifestation is that you have to know – in as much detail as possible – exactly why you want to manifest this result into your life.
Setting goals that don’t speak to you at the deepest level – that don’t drive you to succeed – are likely to fail. You simply won’t have the willpower to avoid putting out conflicting intentions/thoughts.

Goals that you know inside and out do tend to come to fruition. If you imagine your successes in great detail in your mind – and know what  greater purpose they serve – the results are far more likely to manifest  – mainly because you know them so well that you’ll be more prone to engage in the most impactful thoughts, words, and actions to manifest.

As such, make sure that you have set goals that really resonate with you and your purpose in life. It’s worth the time and effort!
Manifestation Tip 4:
Remember, The Universe is Neutral!

Please remember that the Universe is neutral – it provides you focus your energy on– regardless of whether you “want” that outcome or not.

So don’t spend your life proclaiming “I do not want this… I want anything but this!” – as the Universe, will interpret this as a direct command to make it so!

Don’t take it personally – it’s just the way the Universe/Energy works.

It could be difficult to take control of your thoughts. The quickest, easiest and most rewarding way to practice this – and to manifest what you want – is through creative visualisation.

If you visualise what you do want a few times a week, you will inevitably send out more aligned energy than not. This is really important for all of your personal development success. If you have tried visualization and found it difficult, find binaural beats online and listen to them as you visualize. This will relax you, quieten your mind and make your visualisations more vivid.


Manifestation Tip 5:
Don’t Forget to Act!

The final tip is a simple one – you must act and move towards your desires. Simply imagining them will not make them fall in your lap.

Take baby steps – as long as you’re moving in the right direction. Take responsibility for your results – and make sure that you take action.

The Universe will follow our energy’s lead  – but it doesn’t do much more than that. It’s – it’s up to us to take the plunge.
I pray these tips are helpful in your continues journey of manifesting your visions and heart’s desires. Just remember that at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, it is your responsibility to go and make the life you desire.

Happy Manifesting!!