Manifesting and Healing with Color


You may have heard (or if you are like me, for a long time, never heard) that each day of the week is associated with a dedicated planet of our solar system. These planets have a strong influence on our lives and lifestyle. Every planet is associated with a color, which imparts its significance on it. This is how; every day of the week has a definite color.

Monday is the first day of the week and is associated with the moon. Moon is the representor of interest, respect, happiness, power, sleep, mother, wealth and water. The white color is the color of Moon, and the color of Monday. Furthermore, one can wear white, light blue, silver and other similar colors to seek maximum benefits.

Tuesday is being ruled by the planet Mars that signifies authority, courage, competition, property and your younger brother. This day is associated with red and orange. One can wear the shades of red or orange to seek triumph in various endeavors.

The third day of the week is Wednesday and is ruled by planet mercury. The planet mercury controls one’s intelligence, logical reasoning, business prospects, academics and maternal uncle. It is very auspicious if you can wear shades of green color on this day.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the day Thursday. Jupiter controls wisdom, intelligence, body, philosophical outlook and wealth of a person. Also, it takes care of a relationship between you and your elder brother. Wearing yellow color can appease Jupiter and tune your energetic field for a happy and abundant life.

Venus is the ruling planet of Friday. Venus signifies one’s husband/wife, marriage, sexual relationships, love bonding, music, home décor, luxury, beauty, wealth and movable property. Colors pink and white are the colors of this day. It is said that one can achieve beauty and brains by wearing the shades of pink, white and off white on this day.

Saturday. The planet Saturn rules this day. Saturn is the ruling planet for age, disease, debts, bad karma, cruel deeds, greed, anger and pain. Also, it controls foreign language, agricultural business and technical studies.

Sunday is the last day of the week and is ruled by Sun. Now Sun is the lord of soul, ego, glory, health, honor and bravery. Also, it deals with your relationship with your father. Bright colors like Yellow, Red and Orange are the colors associated with this day, Therefore, to tune to the energy of Sun, one should wear bright shades of red, orange and yellow.


Why should you be interested in this topic? Well…Visualizing and meditating with color are powerful healing and manifestation tools if used regularly, manifesting and healing this way can be very potent because as we experience different color vibrations they in turn affect our energy bodies. To explain this further… each color of the light spectrum has it’s own unique vibration with specific manifestation and healing characteristics and those vibrations interact with and affect our personal vibrations (color is light, light is vibration and we are made up of vibrations). An imbalance in our personal vibration is the major culprit behind various spiritual, emotional, and physical issues ranging from energetic blockages in manifesting to high blood pressure as well as psychological problems.

Color can therefore have a profound effect on your mood, vitality and overall well-being!