Moon Meditation with Queen Yenn

Meditation is widely underestimated, however, its benefits are so broad and impressive that it can change your whole life. This ancient practice benefits you physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Meditation works on the whole person. Meditation helps you get in touch with yourself on the deepest level so that you can detect imbalances and allow them to be released. This is essential for holistic wellness. Although any time of year is good for meditation and for individuals to tap into the energies of the divine, there are energy cycles that make this easier and more powerful, and the new and full moons are some of them. Meditation in general helps to activate the crown chakra and bring down greater amounts of divine energy into the system, which increases in strength during the new and full moon cycles. Divine energy naturally gradually flushes out negative thoughts, emotions, and energies from the aura and the chakras. The effect is not only improved physical and emotional health, but also clarity of mind, better self-esteem and greater peace and happiness.

What you will receive with this subscription…

  • Monthly Members Only InnerG Report Overview which will be held via Zoom at the beginning of the month
  • Monthly New and Full Moon meditation with Queen Yenn
  • Exclusive access to meditation replays
  • Members-Only discounts for courses, retreats, products, and services offered by Oyun Ministries
  • and more as spirit leads 🙂

It’s about time…

Establish a regular meditation practice and transform your life. It’s about time that we all tap into this many times overly complicated practice and begin to live a more fulfilled, more blissful, and more bountiful life.