Custom Spiritual Baths


Spiritual Baths are lovely herbal and essential oils combination that invokes intentions of Love, Healing, Intuition, Purification, Protection, Strength, Success, and Manifestation. They are good for detoxing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All baths are made with natural organic herbs and essentials oils. 

Custom made baths are made specific to your desired outcomes. Please express your desired outcome in the “Order Notes” section during checkout.



Spiritual baths are healing especially if utilized with breathing techniques, positive affirmation, creative visualization, color light energy or sound vibration meditation.

If the Spiritual Bath is too cold then you can warm it in a pot on the stove. As soon as the mixture is warm to the touch remove it from the stove.  The cooler the better.  Pour into a bowl and pray over it your requests and desires.  Place it in the bathroom until you are ready for it.  Take a regular bath or shower first.  When done take the herbal mixture and pour down over the head, the back, shoulder, arms, torso, legs, etc.  While doing this and depending on the bath, you will either be asking for all negativity or evil to be removed or you will be praying for your desires like a job opportunity, love, money, protection, spiritual upliftment, or clarity of dreams, etc.  Do not dry off.  

All spiritual baths are sourced and handcrafted with care and precision and charged with healing and manifestation gemstone energy. 

Information and statements regarding this product has not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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Spiritual Baths