Energy Toners


Queen Yenn Blends Energy Toners use the infused essence (vibrations) of specific gemstones, charged by the full moon and sun, in natural spring water. Additional organic, therapeutic grade essential oils are added to amplify and enhance the blend to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit and support manifestation.

4 oz. 
Ingredients: Energized water, pure essential plant and flower oils and extracts, and gemstone infusions.
Custom orders available.
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Queen Yenn Aura Cleanser and Energy Toner cleanses and balances your energy while toning the energy around you to be aligned with the energy needed to manifest your heart’s desires. Working with gemstones and aromatherapy, they help harmonize your aura and personal environment. So whether you believe in the mystical or simply realize that reinforcing your desires (like writing down your goals or visualizing) helps make them happen, you can enjoy these sprays. They’re also wonderful for creating good vibes before important meetings, appointment, get-together, or celebration.

Directions: Simply spray in an arc around you (not directly in your eyes or face) or around a room. Use frequently and breathe in deeply. Get excited – let the transformation and manifestation begin.

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Energy Toners

Balance, Full Moon, New Moon, Prosperity