• Shungite is a mineral that has yet to garner the same popularity in the crystal healing community as stones of a similar dark luster like black tourmaline. While not a crystal, Shungite is one of the strongest mineral healers. It is the only mineral that has been scientifically proven to possess “fullerenes,” molecules with powerful healing qualities.
  • Shungite healing properties span the board from purity to protection. Shungite has electricity conducting properties. These Shungite properties are also known to aid in the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, which are the result of electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic fields are created by electronic devices. Common electronic items such as laptops, cell phones, computers, and tablets all put out EMFs. Placing Shungite at the base of a computer, microwave or around your various home electronic devices will not interfere with their operations, but will block out some of their free radial output.


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How to Use:

Hinder the continuation of negative patterns by meditating with shungite. Begin by holding the shungite in your hands in a quiet, comfortable space in your home. If you’re feeling afflicted in a certain area, hold the shungite to that area. If you want more of an overall soothing effect, then simply hold it your hands. It is most closely associated with the root or base chakra. Shungite stone carries the energy of the earth. Shungite healing provides a shield of protection, while also penetrating to the core of your being in order to bring a sense of calm and an earthy steadiness. Just as shungite properties purify water, shungite healing is also thought to purify the soul. If you feel toxic thoughts and emotions taking a physical toll on your body, or you have unhealthy cycles which are keeping you from attaining progress in your life, try adding a mantra to your shungite meditation. The shungite mantra, “my mind is pure, my spirit is clear,” can help to ease the turmoil. As you speak these words, try to first eliminate all thought, focusing only on the words you are saying. Feel your breath suck in the cleanse the air around you, and expel the poisonous grudges, guilt, negativity or emotions you maybe holding onto.

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