Put those gems to work!

A little about your gemstones…

Gemstones carry frequency. By placing these frequencies within your electromagnetic field, your aura’s frequency equalizes with the stone’s energy. The lymph system, pineal gland, fatty tissues, cell salts, and blood cells are all bio-crystalline in nature.  Gemstones can resonate with these liquid crystals in the body.  Healing stones can communicate information to the bio-crystalline structure within the cells to encourage rejuvenation of the body.  This can be accomplished by placing stones on the Chakras, wearing the jewelry or necklace pouch, or by placing them around the body.

Keep your new stones with you as much as possible for at least a week.  Place it next to your bed when you sleep at night.  Wear it on you during the day. Pay attention to your moods, your interactions with others and your dreams. Here are some ways you can use your gemstones…


Many want to know HOW to use the gemstones they buy and collect. I encourage you to use them, and not just leave them in your purse or put them in a drawer or cabinet where they can’t be appreciated or experienced. Gems are meant to take the journey with you! Remember gems carry vibrations that impact how you vibrate, feel, and move in your space. To help you get the most out of your work with them, here are five ways to use your gemstones.

1. Carry in your pocket or purse (or tuck inside your bra!)
The more you carry your stones with you (and I put mine in my bra so they make skin contact and yet are safely nestled in a place they won’t get lost or broken). The more you keep them near you, the more you will begin to feel and sense their energies. So, put them in the places you are most likely to see and touch them throughout the day.

2. Dedicate a “medicine bag” to your energy work.
A bag that can hold your stones, maybe some dried herbs and other artifacts that support your intentions and balance. Carry stones in your medicine bag and switch them out based on your intuition and mood, as well as moon phases (i.e. carry a green calcite during the New Moon, a black obsidian during Full Moon, etc.).

3. Sleep with them.
You can place a piece of rose quartz in your pillowcase to soothe and calm your vibrations in preparation for rest. Rose Quartz is comforting, calming and soothing. It’s is a gentle healer. TIP: Some people who are sensitive to energy, find crystals under their pillow to be too strong. Try the bedside dresser instead if this is true for you.

4. Meditate with them.
Choose one or more stones for meditation each day and hold one in your right hand while you clear your mind and connect with their vibration. Do this for at least 10 minutes per day if possible, and try recording what you sense and intuit from each stone!

5. Place stones around your home and in your car.
Black tourmaline protects from theft (and toxins from radioactivity), Amethyst helps to repel physical accidents as well as motion sickness, and aventurine and rose quartz attract prosperity and love. I use my ashtray as a traveling sacred space.

INJOY the process of connecting with your stones and using them for your greater good. Much peace and many blessings to you and all of your relations.