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Queen Yenn Ministries Presents:

Spring Retreat

Blue Ridge Mountains, GA

April 10 - 12


Celebrate the seasons with Queen Yenn in the relaxing, healing, and absolutely stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. Queen Yenn seasonal retreats inspire us to celebrate our victories, release anything that no longer serves us, and become crystal clear of our vision.

Each retreat is designed with the energy of the season in mind: Spring- a season of celebration and new beginnings, Summer- a season of personal power, cultivation, and forward movement, Fall- a season of completion and manifestation, Winter- a season of rest and rejuvenation!

Queen Yenn’s retreats provide the space and opportunity for participants to unwind and align with their heart’s desires by dismantling the energetic barriers getting in the way of their blessings. Participants leave with a clear sense of gratitude, purpose, and empowerment.


Opening Dinner Celebration!

Reflection & Release Activity

Manifestation & Wellness Talks

Bonfire Gathering (participants are allowed to invite up to 2 guests to join)

Manifestation Meditation & Scripting Activity

Beautiful Cabin Home (2 Nights Accommodation)

Break-fast Smoothies & Fruit, Light Lunch, Dinner included  (supports a vegetarian/vegan diet)


Queen Yenn

Spiritual Wellness and Development Coach

Founder of Queen Yenn Ministries




Payment Plan:

 $150 deposit

 4 payments of $100 by Apr 3rd


(private room)

Payment Plan:

 $150 deposit

 4 payments of $131.25 by Apr 3rd


  • 2-night accommodations
  • Breakfast Smoothie and fruit, Lunch Salad, and Dinner with the retreat chef.
  • Retreat Activities

Not Included:

  • Dinner for guests
  • Transportation to and from retreat

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About Queen Yenn Ministries

Queen Yenn Ministries’ founding principle is that peace, love, joy, and prosperity is our birthright. Its the natural vibration of the Universe and we are one with the Universe. We are a vibrational match to that which we are experiencing around us. When aligned with The Universal Source of Life, we are able to relax and receive. We must go within in order to remember the journey to alignment.  All events, products, and services are offered to help make that journey as blissful as possible.