Your spiritual wellness is very important – you may not think much about it and what role it plays in your life, but its significance is stronger than you may believe. The search for meaning and purpose takes time, consistency, and effort for yourself and others.

From learning about gemstones, to learning how to break soul-ties that no longer serve you, when you have questions, the classes are developed to answer them. “What is spirituality? How do I know if I am spiritually balanced? Why am I having problems releasing those things that no longer serve me or manifesting my desires? What are the benefits of using Gemstones? How do I choose them? How do I charge them? The spiritual wellness classes provides a wealth of helpful information to assist you throughout your spiritual journey. 

Various classes are offered throughout the year. Click here to learn dates of upcoming classes.

Below are past classes and workshops:

Ready to Live Well: A Spiritual Wellness Workshop Series

Wellness is defined today in the dimensions of mind, body, and spirit. Included in these dimensions are physical, mental, emotional, sexual, social, and spiritual health. We cannot have total wellness if we ignore any one of these dimensions.

What is spiritual health? The word “spiritual” refers to that core dimension of you – your innermost self – that provides you with a profound sense of who you are, where you came from, where you’re going and how you might reach your goal.

You may not think much about spiritual health or well-being and what role it plays in your life, but its significance is stronger than you may believe. Spiritual wellness may mean different things to different people. For some, spirituality may be synonymous with traditional religion, while for others it relates primarily to the quality of personal relationships or love for nature. A basic foundation for spiritual wellness may be the sense that life is meaningful and you have found your place in it. The search for meaning and purpose in human existence leads one to strive for a state of harmony with him/herself and with others while working to balance inner needs with the rest of the world.

Session 1Spiritual Wellness: What is it and how do we achieve it?

Session 2Spiritual Wellness Tools: Gemstones, Spiritual Baths, Candles, and More

Session 3 – Mastering Manifestation

Manifestation Mastery: Manifesting the Life You Desire

Feeling sluggish or unfocused?  Can’t seem to start or finish a project?  Have a dream going unfulfilled? Learn how the universal current of energy provide pathways to manifesting. This liberating knowledge lifts you to that refined source of vital energy where you encounter insight, creative inspiration, and a firm connection to the Divine source of abundance. This Universal current brings you into a state of balance and readiness where you can act as well as attract in the physical world and create what you are committed to manifest. The understanding of how energy flows in ascending and descending currents will bring a greater understanding of what might be blocking your progress. Know that a clear, unblocked flow goes a long way toward making your dreams and aspirations a reality.

Session 1 – Manifestation: What and How?

Session 2 – Energy (InnerG) and the Role it Plays in Manifestation

Session 3 – Attitude of Gratitude