There is power in claiming and affirming blessings on/in your home. It is also wonderful to renew that blessing year after year or seasonally for as long as you reside there. Blessing a home is simply taking the authority over it that belongs to you and dedicating the highest good for you and your household. It invites in positive energy and abundance and opens up the energy for everything else to leave. The same concept can be used for protection for your car (excellent for Uber, Lyft, local and commercial drivers) and prosperity for your business. (Service includes initial consultation and the personalized energy toner spray that will be used).

Email info@queenyenn.com for more information and to book your appointment today.

One-on-One Manifestation Sessions — Online $75  In Person $125 

At these sessions the energy of the moon and other energetic influences is used intentionally, through scripting, visualization, meditation, and ritual, to manifest your heart’s desires. (Includes consultation)

Weekly Check-ins with Queen Yenn–  $200 per month

Gain insight on the energy we are working with for the week and suggestions on how to best use it in your reality to manifest and heal. Check-ins are 30 mins. 


  • General check-in
  • Discussion about the current lunar energy
  • Chat about what you are working to manifest
  • Insight and Suggestions
Energy Clearing — $75
Reiki, smudging, and sound therapy is used to cleanse and stabilize chakras clearing energetic blockages ridding you of what is no longer serving you, or your greatest good. 


Personalized Products and Packages — Starting at $45
Personalized spiritual wellness products and packages are assembled according to your spiritual wellness needs. If there is something you are desiring to manifest or you are working on healing (physically, emotionally, or spiritually) a personalized package could be very helpful.
Include  (but are not limited to):
  • a consultation to gauge your desired outcome, 
  • a gemstone, 
  • energy toner, 
  • spiritual bath, 
  • incense, 
  • and instructions for use (may include prayer and/or ritual).
To book, please Call us at (404) 781-9724 or Email us at info@queenyenn.com