The Upside of Mercury Retrograde

Is Mercury Retrograde All Bad? Not at All!

 Although Mercury retrograde periods can be frustrating, they are often useful too, for they allow us to reassess, revisit, readdress, redo, and redesign our plans. Sometimes we rush along in life without fully considering our basic assumptions or actions. Mercury retrograde allows us to stop, look, listen, and redirect our energies more productively. Mercury Retrograde also helps us find closure to certain situations. We can all benefit from taking a closer look at situations with greater depth, which happens when Mercury retrogrades. Mercury retrograde periods are like walking through sludge, so they do tend to make us slow down, which at times can be a blessing.

Here are some examples of ways Mercury retrograde can help you:

  • Perhaps you have been working on a project that seems to have gone down the wrong path. When Mercury retrogrades, it could become evident that the project needs to be altered slightly or redirected. Even if things didn’t pan out the way you wanted originally, if you argue your case effectively, things may work out the way you wanted now.
  • You stall on accepting a job offer, and lo and behold, a better one comes your way in the meantime.
  • You refrain from buying a certain big-ticket item, and within a few weeks, the same item goes on sale and you will be glad you waited.
  • If a meeting is postponed or cancelled, you have more time to gather additional information that probably will come in quite handy.
  • If you are in sales, go back to old customers and clients. You may do better by asking for more business from people who have always trusted you than by trying to extend your reach into new sales territory. Former customers like being contacted, and under Mercury retrograde, you will have the time to do so.
  • Missing objects are likely to be found. That beautiful bracelet wasn’t lost after all – it was on your bookshelf, behind your favorite book!

What Else Should You Do During Mercury Retrograde Periods?

  1. It’s a great time to change your habits

If you want to kick sugar, drop your smoking habit, start a new workout regimen, or begin a meditation routine, you’ll find it easier during Mercury retrograde. It’s a really useful time for shifting your mindset, repetitive habits, or thoughts. And here’s the good news/bad news: Yes, you will experience “subconscious resistance,” but in a healthier way.

  1. A little introspection will go a long way

Self-knowledge and self-awareness during this time—when you’re literally ‘hearing’ subconscious thoughts a bit louder—allows for deeper discoveries. You can observe  from a deeper level and see things that you weren’t aware of. If you observe mindfully, by the time Mercury goes direct you will be better able to let some things go and move into a new may of thinking or approaching certain things.

  1. New mantras (affirmations) adopted during Mercury retrograde will be super-powered

Because we have more access to the subconscious mind, we have more influence on the subconscious mind. So if you want to adopt a mantra during this time, it would be a really powerful tool. Your subconscious mind will absorb it, and you’ll be better able to integrate that mantra into your conscious mind and being.

  1. Your creativity will be off the charts

The key is to not judge or edit yourself as you create. Keep track of your drafts, keep track of that process. Don’t be too quick to believe the judgments in your head. Through the process of Mercury retrograde you can be very prolific. If you just keep going and doing the work, later you will understand it in a different, deeper way than you did when creating it.

  1. You’ll benefit from reflection

Lastly, Mercury rules anything that begins with “re”: redo, reassess, repair, repeat, redesign, or revisit. It’s always human nature to want to hear that new opportunities are coming our way, but we do need to focus on the quality of our work and life and improve upon it. Often this is a better use of our time than continually chasing the newest idea. Mercury retrograde allows you to be thorough and to perfect your approach.


Don’t assume everything goes wrong during Mercury retrograde – sometimes things work in your favor. If you are self-employed and turned down an assignment because the price the client was willing to pay was too low, this same client may come back after the retrograde (after they experience many others turning down their offer) – and you get the project after all, at the right price. People reconsider their stance when Mercury is retrograde, and in some cases, conditions turn out to be more favorable to you than they might have been before.